IEEE Aswan SB was founded at Aswan Faculty of Engineering in the academic year (2010-2011).

Vision: Enhancing the engineering sense of the engineering students through creating a leading technical community and keeping pace with the current technological advance, and impr
oving the interpersonal skills of all students for better Egypt. out of the university box to co-operation with the other university by those student branch.

Brief: “For the past 7 years the branch has provided all students with different soft skills, technical sessions, training, inspiring events and
workshops. However, our notable event was UPPER EGYPT IN ACTION  “UEA”-it has been held for three consecutive years -is a conference that consists of a gallery for projects from Upper Egypt along with several sessions about market, soft and technical skills.The main aim is to enhance both the quality and the number of the projects that contribute on developing our country, in addition to delivering new engineering technologies to Upper Egypt engineering students encouraging them to be creative and giving them the opportunity to show up their work to achieve their dreams.”

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