IEEE Egypt section



    The 10th International Computer Engineering Conference (ICENCO), 29-December 29-30, 2014, Cairo, Egypt.


    The 9th IEEE International Conference on Computer Engineering and Systems (ICCES), December 21-23, 2014, Cairo, Egypt.


    The 2013 Sixteenth International Middle East Power Systems Conference (MEPCON), 23-Feb-14

  • ICENCO 2013

    9th International Computer Engineering,December 28-29, 2013, Cairo

  • ICET

    The 2013 International Conference on Engineering and Technology (ICET), 14-Dec-2013


    The 8th International Conference of Computer Engineering and Systems (ICCES), 27-29 Nov, 2013, Cairo

  • EMBS

    The 1st IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) International Students Conference, 8-10 October, 2013, Cairo, Egypt


    The 2013 World Congress on Computer and Information Technology (WCCIT) WCCIT, 22-Jun-2013


  • 2012 IEEE R8 Chapter of the Year

    The winner of the "Chapter of the Year" Award is the "Egyptian Robotics and Automation Chapter"!

  • Alexandria University Student Branch – IEEE AlexSB

    IEEE Regional Exemplary Student Branch Award Alex SB 2011 – 2012 – 2013
    Second Place – Regional Website Contest

  • Best IEEE Day photo,2012

    Arab Academy for Science and Technology - Cairo branch

    The Darrel Chong Student Activity Award (Bronze)(2013)
    Best IEEE Day photo, 2012

  • FPO

    Faculty of Computer and Information - Helwan University – IEEE FCIH SB

    2013 IEEE Day "The most creative photo” award

  • IEEE Cairo University Student Branch – IEEE CUSB

    Student Enterprise Award 2012
    Regional Exemplary Student Branch Award Cairo SB 2012

  • Arab Academy for Science and Technology logo

    Arab Academy for Science and Technology - Alexandria branch

    -IEEE MGA - Student Branch Web Site Contest 1st Place (2013).
    Region 8 Website Contest 2nd Place AAST Alex SB 2013.

  • FPO

    IEEE GOLD Egypt – Young Professionals

    -IEEE MGA GOLD Hall of Fame Award GOLD 2012.
    -R8 GOLD Exceptional Volunteer Award Khaled Mokhtar - GOLD 2013.

  • Dr. Mohamed Khairy

    IEEE Cairo University Dr. Mohamed Khairy

    -Outstanding Branch Counselor and Branch Chapter Advisor Award, 2012.
    -2nd Place "ICamp" Entrepreneurship competition, 2013.

  • IEEE Women in Engineering

    IEEE Women in Engineering

    R8 WIE (Women in Engineering) Dr. Fatma AbouShady - Mansoura University. 2013.

  • German University Cairo

    IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society

    3rd Place IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society German University - 2013.

  • Dr. Samir Shahin

    IEEE R8 Best Volunteer Award

    IEEE R8 Best Volunteer Award Section (2013): Dr. Samir Shahin.


  • April 30- 2014

    IEEE Egypt will participates in Section Congress that will be held in Netherland at August 22-24,2014

  • April 20- 2014

    IEEE Egypt SECTION, Industrial Application Societies ELECTIONS 2014-2015:Prof. Dr. Almoataz Youssef Abdelaziz and Prof. Dr. El Sayed A Mohamed have been announced to be chairman of Education Society and chairman of Industrial Applications Society respectively

  • March 22- 2014

    IEEE PES: Dr.Ibrahim Helal representing IEEE Egypt PES at IEEE/PES Africa and Middle East PES Chapters meeting in conjunction with ICGE 2014 Conference, Tunisia

  • Feb 22- 2014

    Heind El Rawy became the Students Representative you can communicate with her through

  • Feb 22- 2014

    IEEE Egypt Nominations and Elections committee announced IEEE Egypt section chair to be Dr. Ahmed Darwish

  • Feb 7- 2014

    IEEE Egypt Election: Dr. Ihab Ali has decided not to proceed with elections for IEEE Egypt section chair and accordingly, Dr Ahmed Darwish is the only nominee.

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